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F  I  N  A  N  C  I  A  L   N  E  T  W  O  R  K 


Make No Mistake!

In these tough times, frustration and litigation are on the rise, mostly by design.

Laws initially passed to protect have created an industry of compensation claims, civil suits, class-action lawsuits, and assorted other legal claims, all designed to take a bite out of the assets of others. Asset protection is a prudent necessity to insulate your wealth

A proper asset protection plan performs three primary functions: lawsuit deterrence, settlement negotiation leverage and placing your assets out of the reach of the those seeking to help themselves. 

Asset protection planning is ideally performed well in advance of issues arising in your financial life.

Benefits of Protecting Your Assets

           Hindsight makes things obvious. We don't wait for Hindsight.

Let’s assume an individual owned one or more properties in each of our great 50 states, and further assume they have title of each in their name. 

They march along, not worried, because they don’t brag and no one knows what they have been buying over the last several years. 

They have an erroneous false sense of security, because they believe they are covered in the cloak of anonymity.

The truth is, they are only anonymous due to anyone's lack of interest in finding out the details. 

We can sit down with you and a laptop and inside of ninety minutes we can show you every property you own!

We will be able to tell you what type of asset each property is, whether a Single Family Home, an Apartment Complex, or a Parcel of Land. 

We will know the address, when you bought it, how much you paid, how much you still owe, its current worth, and how much equity you have. 

These will be close approximations as some states don’t disclose every bit of this information…but we will have a very detailed idea of what you own - how much of your asset velue is available as a prize in a lawsuit action.

The man or woman sitting at home recently unemployed watching the commercial “1-800-Lets sue” will find an attorney that can do the same thing. 

They will find an attorney that is aggressive and is willing to take their case on contingency because they know the size of the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow!

Our main focus is protecting your assets by making them legally harder to see. No pot of gold, no lawsuit taken on contingency.


We encourage you to call and speak with our Asset Protection Specialists today!!
           We'll help you understand all the details.

Because every situation is different, we begin with a FREE no obligation, confidential analysis of your assets, your risk level, vulnerabilities, and personal objectives. 

      We then discuss plans that are aimed at:

  • Establishing legal barriers between creditors and your Assets
  • Insulating your family’s wealth from potential liability by reducing the economic incentive to sue
  • Creating solid strategies to protect your Assets

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