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F  I  N  A  N  C  I  A  L   N  E  T  W  O  R  K 

Is it expensive to set up and maintain?

By using Trusts and sometimes combining them with limited use of corporations makes our PROFILES very affordable. Once a Trust is setup there is almost no cost to maintain.

Do I need this if I only own my home or just a couple of properties?

Everyone can benefit by protecting their assets, whether they have just one property or many. No one want judgments and liens easily attached to what they own? Would you?

No one knows what I own....I don't brag about how much property I own. Why would I need it?

Briefly, an attorney in our network had a client who was suing another individual for fraud. When discussing the case with the attorney, we mentioned how easy it is to find what people own…so we showed him. He engaged our services on behalf of his client, and in 45 minutes we had reviewed all 58 counties of California and eight additional states. 

We found a property not listed in the asset profile given to the court during the disclosure phase that was ‘free and clear’. 

The attorney filed a lien against that ‘undisclosed’ asset later that same day.

I have insurance.....isn't that enough?

Have you ever had or heard of an insurance claim being denied??? 

Ever had the following comment made to you by an insurance adjuster? “Yes you’re covered…but we don’t pay for that type of claim”.

We have, and so have many of our clients.

If you are going into battle (believe us, lawsuits and judgment liens are battlefields) with bullets flying by all around…would you say “I’m wearing my helmet, why should I wear that bullet proof vest as well?” 

Wouldn’t you want all the affordable protection you can have on YOUR SIDE? 

The other side…attorneys, creditors and the like are going to arm themselves with every device they can when coming after YOU!

I just don't understand how it all works. How will I do this?

Our company consultants spend ALL the time needed for you and your family to understand what steps are being taken on your behalf. There is indeed A LOT to actually designing, implementing, and modifying/updating Asset Protection Profiles. We make sure you understand what is happening with your assets, and although you may not be able to give a seminar on this topic, you WILL know the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of your personal Profile. 

An annual review of your financial situation is available as part of our services for a marginal fee, and if you have had changes, we can ‘tune up’ your Profile at that time. We encourage you to call us in advance during the year when you know you are making changes to your asset mix.

Will I have to file a bunch of tax returns?

Land Trusts and Personal Property Trusts are TRANSPARENT to IRS and do not require tax returns. The asset value and transactions, like rents, expenses etc., ‘FLOW THROUGH’ to the final beneficiary. Asset Protection using Trusts is very inexpensive to operate and maintain once they have been properly set up. If corporations are included in your Profile (depends on the size of your portfolio and what you wanted to protect) then, yes, one or more returns will be needed. 

Oh, my friend - neighbor has one of those.

Not likely. Usually this statement is misunderstood and what they have is a LIVING TRUST. 

A LIVING TRUST does only ONE thing…bypass required probate in the state you live or where your assets are located. 

They don’t do ANYTHING or have ANY effect while you are still alive.

A Land Trust and or Personal Property Trust holds TITLE on your behalf. Thus they are called Title Holding Trusts and there many types and flavors!

Many Estate Planning attorneys totally, completely misunderstand this, so you are not alone. They take ALL of your existing assets and place them in your LIVING TRUST. This helps if and when you DIE…but does nothing to PROTECT your assets!! YOU ARE JUST AS EXPOSED WITH THIS SETUP AS YOU WERE BEFORE YOU TOOK ANY ACTION. 

I'm upside down on my home loan...why should I protect it?

If someone is hurt (or claims it) on your rental property or your personal home they can name that property AND they can name everything else you may own in the same suit. Ideally, you isolate liabilities to each asset, that way one infected asset does not automatically infect all else you own. So the house that you thought “So What? I don’t have any equity in this home” has an issue and you get sued GENERATING from the particular home/asset … YOU own it…so YOU get named…AND all other assets you have potentially get brought into the suit. If you DON’T OWN this home, and the only thing this Trust owns is that home, then you have put a barrier between YOU, your assets and your problem assets.

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