You worked hard to earn it, we work hard so you can keep it.


F  I  N  A  N  C  I  A  L   N  E  T  W  O  R  K 

Introduction to Asset Protection

As a property owner and potential real estate investor, you have a much greater risk exposure to lawsuits: both legitimate AND frivolous. 

The more you own the more likely you are a TARGET for shakedown / quick buck settlement.

Bill Bronchick, an attorney, and one of several leaders in the Asset Protection industry teaches the 

A,B,Cs of Asset/Wealth Protection.

Avoid Liability
Appear Broke
Control, But Don’t Own

With the use of certain strategies we seek to avoid liability by NOT getting sued to begin with. 

By appearing broke, very few will want to continue pursuing a lawsuit against someone who seems to have no assets…particularly, the attorneys considering whether to take a case on a contingency basis. 

John D. Rockefeller said “Own nothing, but control everything!” 

Thus, by controlling your assets WITHOUT owning them in your name, folks suing YOU have a much harder time latching on to your assets. 

The phrase: ‘You can’t get blood from a turnip’ applies here.

Trusts; Land & Personal Property types used in combination with Corporations (the type depends upon your unique situation – we review each person or family's current situation and goals before making ANY recommendations) help you avoid liability. Appear broke and control – but not own – your real property and, in many cases, much of your personal assets, such as vehicles, bank accounts, and collectibles.

Once a tailored strategy and Asset Protection Profile (the matrix of the type and number of entities in your unique Profile) is created for you and your assets, you will appreciate the simplicity and low cost of maintaining this structure over the years. You will also appreciate how easy and inexpensive it is to modify and deal with your fluid investment portfolio as things shift each year! 

Our service is in partnership with you, and we will continue working with you, long after your "Profile" is implemented.

The Ideal Asset Protection Client

Anyone who owns real estate and or vehicles – cars, trucks, boats, commercial vans, etc.

It is always more preferable to create and implement a protection profile BEFORE you are being sued and declaring bankruptcy. Would you buy ANY insurance policy if you KNEW IN ADVANCE that you were NOT going to have any accidents in a particular year or years? Probably not, but you buy insurance anyway, because you just don't know when trouble will show up!

You don’t have a crystal ball, so if you are going to be an investor – and if you own any real estate, then you are an investor, and it makes a lot of sense to take affordable steps to protect yourself, your family AND all that you have accumulated and earned. 

It may not have come to you easy…but it sure can be lost quickly and easily!!!

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